Special Issue: Recent cellular, molecular and biochemical findings related to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases

Submission Deadline: 20 October 2021

Guest Editors:

Dr. Fleming Martinez (Full Professor of Pharmaceutics). Email: fmartinezr@unal.edu.co

Dr. Danial Kahrizi (Full Professor of Molecular Genetics). Email: d.kahrizi@cellmolbiol.org


Today, with advances in information, equipment, and technology, methods of preventing, diagnosing, and treating diseases have also progressed. In this regard, dramatic advances have been made in cellular, molecular and biochemical methods. In this special issue, the latest cellular, molecular and biochemical advances in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases will be reported for use by researchers and scientists around the world. All researchers are then asked to submit the results of their research related to the subject of this special issue for evaluation. If manuscripts are accepted by the reviewers and the editorial team, they will be published in Cellular and Molecular Biology.


Cellular aspects, Molecular Findings, Biochemical results, Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment, Diseases