Published: January 25, 2024

Effects of imperatorin on airway remodeling in bronchial asthma through S1PR2/STAT3 signaling pathway

Effect of Imperatorin on airway remodeling in bronchial asthma

December 31, 2023
Dandan Wang, Yunmei Cui, Fan Gao, Weiwei Zheng, Jinzi Li, Zhemin Xian

Correlation between immunoglobulin index level and disease severity and clinical manifestations in children with atopic dermatitis as a chronic inflammatory

Immunoglobulin index level and atopic dermatitis

December 31, 2023
Xin Zheng, Shuibao Chen, Lang Chen, Zhenjie Ye

To assess the cell lines on esophagogastroduod enoscopies of children with feeding difficulty, esophageal fistula and asthma with histologic abnormality

To assess the cell lines on EGD of children

December 31, 2023
Shixiong Yang, Jun Li

Correlations of IL-1β and vitamin D with CAT score in patients with acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Correlations of IL-1β and VitD with CAT score in patients with AECOPD

December 31, 2023
Lidong Wang, Mai Wang, Dan Qian, Xing Ding, Heping Jiang

Serum inflammatory factors such as MMP-9 are associated with post-percutaneous transluminal angioplastyacute myocardial infarction in coronary heart disease patients complicated by lower extremity arteriosclerosis obliterans

Arteriosclerosis obliterans of lower extremities with coronary heart disease

December 31, 2023
Changgang Shao, Batu Wuren, Guoqing Chi, Hongcheng Ren, Fang Li, Wenjie Song, Bin Wang, Mingchao Ding

Isofraxidin inhibits the proliferation and differentiation of the osteoblast MC3T3-E1 subclone 14 cell line

Efficacy of isofraxidin in ankylosing spondylitis

December 31, 2023
Junliang Xu, Wei Ji

The therapeutic effect of phellopterin on colitis-associated cancer and its effects on TLR4/NF-κB pathway and macrophage M2 polarization

Effect of phellopterin on colitis-associated cancer

December 31, 2023
Xiaoping Xu, Yue Su, Yuan Pan, Minmin Shen, Daochen Liu, Zhaohui Liu, Dong Chen, Jia Wu

Cinobufotalin effect and mechanism on serum MMP-2, MMP-9, Beclin1, LC3-II in advanced NSCLC patients

Effect of cinobufotalin on patients with advanced NSCLC

December 31, 2023
Lei Yang, Bihui Bai, Hongyu Chen, Tielian Li, Mingting Wang, Xuedong Zhu

The correlation between serum creatinine and burn severity and its predictive value

Correlation between serum creatinine and burn severity

December 31, 2023
Huawei Shao, Liangfang Ni, Chuangang You, Qiong Li, Shulei Mao

Effect of preoperative intensive statin on the efficacy and inflammatory response of acute ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction after emergency percutaneous coronary intervention

Acute STEMI after emergency percutaneous coronary intervention

December 31, 2023
Xianliang Yan, Qian Wang, Yulong Gao, Chengqian Yin

Screening differentially expressed genes and the pathogenesis in atopic dermatitis using bioinformatics

Atopic dermatitis using bioinformatics

December 31, 2023
Pengfei Yang, Yanmei Li, Tingbao Li, Liang Yuan, Sinong Wang

Correlations of GGT, Hcy and ABI with carotid atherosclerosis in essential hypertension patients

Correlations of GGT, Hcy and ABI with carotid atherosclerosis

December 31, 2023
Min Peng, Yong Wu, Yingying Jin

The expression of peripheral blood inflammatory factors in patients with acute ischemic stroke and its correlation with patients’ prognosis

Inflammatory factors in peripheral blood of stroke patients

December 31, 2023
Zhaodan Han, Congya Hong, Yasong Lang

Galectin-9 contributes to the survival of fully allogeneic skin grafts by modulating effector T cells and Tregs imbalance

Treatment for survival of allogeneic skin grafts

December 31, 2023
Yu Luo, Bingyi Shi, Yeyong Qian, Hongwei Bai, Feng Liu

Mechanism of TNF- α inducing apoptosis and autophagy of chondrocytes by activating NF- κ B signal pathway

TNF-α inducing apoptosis and autophagy of chondrocytes

December 31, 2023
Muzi Liu, Shiguo Gong, Xin Sheng, Zihong Zhang, Jiaquan Yang

Immunomodulatory effect and molecular mechanism of deoxyribonucleic acid receptor toll-like receptor 9 signaling pathway on newborn babies with acute lung injury

Newborn babies with acute lung injury

December 31, 2023
Lei Dou, Yannan Chai, Huiju Shi

Comparison of NOD-like and Toll-like receptors gene expression levels in blood monocytes of colon cancer patients

NOD-like and Toll-like receptors’ genes in colon cancer patients

December 31, 2023
Feilong Meng, Juan Yang, Shuai Hua, Ying Zhang, Xinnian Fu, Chi Ma, Xinxin Wang, Zhipeng Fu, Sheng Zheng

Interactive effects of vitamin D and serum uric acid concentration on protein-energy wasting in maintenance hemodialysis patients

Vitamin D and serum uric acid effects on PEW in MHD

December 31, 2023
Luping Luo, Wenbin Huang

The relationship between AGR2 levels and intestinal barrier function in high-fat diet animal models

High-fat diet regulates intestinal barrier through AGR2

December 31, 2023
Facai Kang, Shuhong Zhao, Huimin Ren, Jing Yang, Sizhen Chen, Qi Kou, Jing Sun

Expression, prognostic value and potential immunotherapeutic target of COL1A1 in colon cancer

COL1A1 in colon cancer

December 31, 2023
Xiang Zeng, Guoxue Chen, Dunwei Guo, Yong Chen, Xinpeng Hu

Analysis of traditional Chinese medicine syndrome types and frequency changes of CD8+ and CD25+ T cells in metabolic-related fatty liver disease

Metabolism-related fatty liver CD8+CD25+T cells

December 31, 2023
Xiangyu Zong, Haiyan Zhang, Tianyi Yang

Analysis of the expression and significance of lymphocyte ratio in different stages and clinical types of COVID-19

Lymphocyte in COVID-19

December 31, 2023
Jinwei Xu, Guangyao Yao, Aili Zhang, Haixiang Gao, Li Yan

The hyaluronic acid gel promotes the formation of osteoblasts mineralized nodules and fracture callus by regulating the expression of Runx2 and osteocalcin

Hyaluronic acid gel promoting the osteoblasts mineralized nodules

December 31, 2023
Jiaquan Yang, Yulian Liu, Kunqiang Chen, Muzi Liu

Influences of microRNA-451 on the expression of HMGB1 in myocardial cells and its mechanism in ischemia-reperfusion injury

HMGB1 in myocardial cells and ischemia-reperfusion

December 31, 2023
Ruiye Qiu, Yajuan Zhang, Jun Li, Jun Wu, Ruifeng He

Vaginal microecological imbalance and expression of serum inflammatory factors in pregnant women with group B streptococcus infection and pregnancy outcome

Effect of group B streptococcus infection in pregnant women

December 31, 2023
Wenjia Zhang, Yafang Wan, Yu Zhang, Lanlan Xu, Tian Li, Pu Liao

Effects of methylprednisolone combined with advanced antibiotics and antiviral drugs on serum immunoglobulin and inflammatory factor levels in patients with viral pneumonia

Factors in patients with viral pneumonia

December 31, 2023
Lixia Yue, Yihe Yan

Mammary epithelial cell-derived exosomal miR-155-inhibitor played a key role in the treatment of mastitis via down-regulation of TLRs/NF-κB signaling pathway to inhibit inflammatory response

Exosomal miR155-inhibitor for mastitis

December 31, 2023
Jinye Lu, Beibei Gu, Xinlu Han, Yinnan Feng

Schisandrin C: an active compound from the fruit of Schisandra chinensis in anti-inflammation and anti-oxidation

Anti-inflammation and anti-oxidation effects of schisandrin C

December 31, 2023
Tae Won Kim, Seonhwa Hwang, Min Seo Park, Hye Kyung Kim, Min Hi Park

Blocking TXNIP reduced IL-1β Induced chondrocyte cell inflammation

Blocking TXNIP reduces IL-1β-induced chondrocyte inflammation

December 31, 2023
Shenggui Xu, Weimin Lin, Wang Lin, Chengshou Lin, Weizhong Guo

Analysis of the improvement effect of Astragalus extract on oxidative stress injury in viral myocarditis through STAT3/IL-6

Astragalus extract inhibits myocardial inflammation

December 31, 2023
Zhiyue Chang, Yanhui Zhang, Lu Wang, Huizhen Wang, Ling Tian, Juan Qiao

Bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells-derived exosomal miR-185-5p plays a protective role in high-glucose stimulated human retinal microvascular endothelial cells in vitro by regulating CXCL8

BM-MSCs-derived miR-185-5p on angiogenesis in DR

December 31, 2023
Lin Zhou, Weixia Wang

Association of IL-8 levels in serum and bronchoalveolar lavage fluid with sputum emboli in children with lobar pneumonia

Relationship between IL-8 and lobar pneumonia

December 31, 2023
Qingqing Chen, Na Lv, Xue Wang, Lan Liu, Yan Lu

TRPM8 knockdown relieved inflammatory response and cell apoptosis in pneumonia model induced by Streptococcus pneumoniae in vitro

TRPM8 knockdown relieved inflammatory response in pneumonia

December 31, 2023
Kui Sheng, Linli Sang, Hui Ge

Identification of oxidative stress-related genes associated with immune cells in Aortic Valve Stenosis based on bioinformatics analysis

Oxidative stress-related genes in Aortic Valve Stenosis immune cells

December 31, 2023
Shanghai Li, Zhenjie Bai, Jinhai Quan, Can Chen

Injectable, pH-responsive hybrid hydrogels for the treatment of periodontitis

The role of hybrid hydrogels on periodontitis

December 31, 2023
Rui Zhu, Wenhua Du, Xiaohui Mi

Evaluation of immune microenvironment in IgG4-related sialadenitis

Immune Microenvironment in IgG4-Related Sialadenitis

December 31, 2023
Qing Hu, Peng Zhou, Yixuan Yan, Qun Huang

Quercetin relieves coronary atherosclerosis via regulating fibroblast growth factor 2

Quercetin relieves coronary atherosclerosis

December 31, 2023
Rui Shi, Zhaozheng Liu, Jinzhu Yin, Yue Deng

Effects of simvastatin on immunoreaction and inflammation in rats with asthma by regulating NOTCH signaling pathway

Simvastatin in Rats with Asthma

December 31, 2023
Xiaomeng Zhang, Haixia Qiao, Min Li, Guangliang Bai

Oxidized low-density lipoprotein induces M2-type differentiation of macrophages to promote the protracted progression of atherosclerotic inflammation in high-fat diet-fed ApoE -/- mice

Oxidized LDL promotes atherosclerosis in mice

December 31, 2023
Bo Zhang, Weichang Xia, Jingqun Zhou, Jianfeng Lv, Qiuting Dai, Xiangyan Li, Qinqin Tian, Xijian Liu, Xuan Du, Rong Tu, Shouyi Liu

Ulinastatin protects against myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury in rats via Rho/ROCK signaling pathway

Ulinastatin protects against myocardial IRI

December 31, 2023
Ling Liu, Jun Liu, Junshuai Wang, Yu Chen, Gang Liu

Anti- IL-22 neutralizing antibodies decrease inflammation lesions and reduce mortality in enterovirus 71-infected mice

Antibodies reduce inflammation in enterovirus 71-infected mice

December 31, 2023
Chang Zhang, Sa Tang, Xue Zong, Lian Duan, Yunfan Wang

Melatonin reduces myocardial cell damage in myocardial ischemia/reperfusion rats by inhibiting NLRP3 activation

Melatonin reduces myocardial cell damage

December 31, 2023
Shurong Li, Xiang Li, Fang Xie, Yang Bai, Jun Ma

IL-37 inhibits glycolysis of lung adenocarcinoma by inhibiting the expression of PFKFB3

IL-37 with Lung Adenocarcinoma

December 31, 2023
Chunwang Liu, Rui Peng, Zonglong Nie, Li Zhao, Mingxue Zhu, Xiaofeng Mu

Prostatitis No.1 traditional chinese medicine significantly exhibited anti-inflammation role on prostatitis through miR-205-5p/YES1

Anti-inflammation role on prostatitis through miR-205-5p/YES1

December 31, 2023
Jia Liu, Yongchao Fan, Ruiyu Song, Zhaohui Tian, Baofei Yan, Yuting Ma, Qingqi Zeng

Influence of IL-10, IL-6 and TNF-α gene polymorphism on obesity

IL-10, IL-6 and TNF-α polymorphism and obesity

December 31, 2023
Sarhang Hasan Azeez

Chronic diseases: Origin and cell mechanisms involved

Chronic diseases

December 31, 2023
David Hernán Martínez-Puente, Carlos Saúl Rodríguez-Roque, Laura Mireya Flores-Zavala, José Juan Pérez-Trujillo, Arnulfo Villanueva-Olivo, Humberto Rodríguez-Rocha, Aracely García-García, Odila Saucedo-Cárdenas, Roberto Montes De Oca-Luna, María de Jesús Loera-Arias