Published: April 12, 2015

Optimization of (131)I doses for the treatment of hyperthyroidism

November 15, 2009
F. Araujo, A. M. O. Rebelo, A. M. O. Rebelo, A. C. Pereira, M. B. Moura, E. A. Lucena, A. L. A. Dantas, B. M. Dantas, R. Corbo

'Voxelization' of Alderson-Rando phantom for use in numerical dose measuring

November 15, 2009
A. M. Santos, J. W. Vieira

Whole-body measurements at Ipen, Brazil

November 15, 2009
J. C. S. Cardoso, E. A. R. Berti, M. Xavier

A software to digital image processing to be used in the voxel phantom development

November 15, 2009
J. W. Vieira, F. R. A. Lima

The effect of the Rochagan on radiolabeling with (99m)Tc

November 15, 2009
C. M. C. X. Holanda, M. F. Silva-Júnior, R. C. Alves, V. S. A. Barbosa, R. P. Silva, L. G. Rocha, A. C. Medeiros

A methodology to evaluate occupational internal exposure to fluorine-18

November 15, 2009
C. M. Oliveira, A. L. A. Dantas, B. M. Dantas