Published: March 23, 2017

The effects of Nobiletin, Hesperetin, and Letrozole in a combination on the activity and expression of aromatase in breast cancer cells

February 28, 2017
S. T. Rahideh, M. Keramatipour, M. Nourbakhsh, F. Koohdani, M. Hoseini, F. Shidfar

The link between intergenic distances and controls exerted on the transcriptional regulation; an inferential approach

February 28, 2017
M. Ahmadi, B. Salehi

Methyl thiophanate-induced toxicity in liver and kidney of adult rats: a biochemical, molecular and histopathological approach

February 28, 2017
A. Feki, H. Ben Saad, I. Jaballi, C. Magne, O. Boudawara, K. M. Zeghal, A. Hakim, Y. Ben Ali, I. Ben Amara

The G-protein alpha-subunit gene CGA1 is involved in regulation of resistance to heat and osmotic stress in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

February 28, 2017
C. S. Lee, W. Ahn, Y. E. Choi

miRNA and mRNA expression profiling in rat brain following alcohol dependence and withdrawal

February 28, 2017
Z. A. Sinirlioglu, E. Coskunpinar, F. Akbas

TTY2 genes deletions as genetic risk factor of male infertility

February 28, 2017
F. Shaveisi-Zadeh, R. Alibakhshi, R. Asgari, Z. Rostami-Far, M. Bakhtiari, H. Abdi, A. Movafagh, R. Mirfakhraie

Stable silencing of IGF1R using Lentiviral-mediated shRNA in HEK293T cells

February 28, 2017
L. Nasehi, M. H. Ghahremani, K. Yavari, J. Hadjati, A. Fallah, B. Abdolhossein Zadeh, Z. Saltanatpour

Dandelion-enriched diet of mothers alleviates lead-induced damages in liver of newborn rats

February 28, 2017
M. Gargouri, C. Magné, I. Ben Amara, H. Ben Saad, A. El Feki

TGFíŸ3 / SfaN1 gene variant and the risk factor of nonsyndromic cleft palate only among Indonesian patients

February 28, 2017
S. L. Nasroen, A. Tajrin, P. N. Fauziah, A. M. Maskoen, E. S. S. Soemantri, H. Soedjana, D. Hilmanto

The clinical research of Thinprep Cytology Test (TCT) combined with HPV-DNA detection in screening cervical cancer

February 28, 2017
Y. Liu, L. Zhang, G. Zhao, L. Che, H. Zhang, J. Fang

Ghrelin did not change coronary angiogenesis in diet-induced obese mice

February 28, 2017
M. Khazaei, Z. Tahergorabi

The effects of melatonin on oxidative stress and prevention of primordial follicle loss via activation of mTOR pathway in the rat ovary

February 28, 2017
Y. Behram Kandemir, C. Aydin, G. Gorgisen

Effect of nitrogen sources on some morphological characteristics of in vitro stevia rebaudiana Bertoni

February 28, 2017
F. Akbari, A. Arminian, D. Kahrizi, A. Fazeli

Identification of bacteria using volatile organic compounds

February 28, 2017
N. Karami, A. Karimi, A. Aliahmadi, F. Mirzajan, H. Rezadoost, A. Ghassempour, F. Fallah

Signaling networks in TMPRSS2-ERG positive prostate cancers: Do we need a Pied Piper or sharpshooter to deal with "at large” fused oncoprotein

February 28, 2017
X. Lin, M. Z. Qureshi, M. A. Romero, I. Yaylim, S. Arif, I. Ucak, S. Fayyaz, A. A. Farooqi, Q. Mansoor, M. Ismail

Review of new insights into antimicrobial agents

February 28, 2017
M. J. Dehghan Esmatabadi, A. Bozorgmehr, S. N. Hajjari, A. Sadat Sombolestani, Z. V. Malekshahi, M. Sadeghizadeh

The significance of DNA methylation profile in metastasis-related genes for the progression of colorectal cancer

February 28, 2017
P. Tokarz, E. Pawlowska, J. Bialkowska-Warzecha, J. Blasiak

Comparison of two DNA extraction protocols from leave samples of Cotinus coggygria, Citrus sinensis and Genus juglans

February 28, 2017
F. Fallah, H. Minaei Chenar, H. Amiri, S. Omodipour, F. Shirbande Ghods, D. Kahrizi, M. Sohrabi, T. Ghorbani, E. Kazemi