Published: December 31, 2012

Effects of diabetes on cytokines and oxidative organ injury in a rat model of sepsis

February 16, 2012
M. H. Uyanik, A. Albayrak, F. Odabasoglu, E. Karakus, K. Ozden, B. Polat, M. Yayla, M. Karamese, A. Albayrak, H. Yazgi

Rapid screening and diagnosis of tuberculosis: a real challenge for the mycobacteriologist.

February 16, 2012
F. Zakham, M. Akrim, M. El mzibri, A. Benjouad, R. El aouad, M. M. Ennaji

A preliminary investigation of the relationship between circulating tumor cells and cancer stem cells in patients with breast cancer

February 16, 2012
J. Wang, M. G. Cao, C. Z. You, C. L. Wang, S. L. Liu, C. Kai, J. Dou

Bioavailability, antioxidant and non toxic properties of a radioprotective formulation prepared from isolated compounds of Podophyllum hexandrum: a study in mouse model

March 23, 2012
A. Dutta, S. Verma, S. Sankhwar, S. J. S. Flora, M. L. Gupta

ROS-mediated lipopolysaccharide-induced apoptosis in INS-1 cells by modulation of Bcl-2 and Bax

March 23, 2012
S-C. Du, Q-M. Ge, N. Lin, Y. Dong, Q. Su

Appropriate reference gene selection for real-time PCR data normalization during rat mesenchymal stem cell differentiation

May 15, 2012
A. Farrokhi, M. B. Eslaminejad, H. Nazarian, A. Moradmand, A. Samadian, A. Akhlaghi

Administration of vitamin E prevents thymocyte apoptosis in murine sarcoma S180 tumor bearing mice

May 15, 2012
D. Liu, A. Liu

Nigella sativa as a potential therapy for the treatment of lung injury caused by cecal ligation and puncture-induced sepsis model in rats

May 15, 2012
Y. Bayir, A. Albayrak, I. Can, Y. Karagoz, A. Cakir, H. Suleyman, H. Uyanik, N. Yayla, B. Polat, E. Karakus, M. S. Keles

Effect of interaction of vitamin C on macrophage immune response to infection with Mycobacterium bovis

May 15, 2012
J. Wang, X. Zhou, Z. Zhang, L. Xu, X. Yin, L. Yang, D. Zhao

Genotype prevalence and allele frequencies of 5,10-methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) C677T mutation in two caste groups of India

June 15, 2012
V. Rai, U. Yadav, P. Kumar

CXCL12 G801A polymorphism contributes to cancer susceptibility: a meta-analysis

June 30, 2012
X. Y. Ma, Y. Jin, H. M. Sun, L. Yu, J. Bai, F. Chen, S. B. Fu

Molecular typing of Legionella pneumophila strains isolated from environment in Morocco

June 30, 2012
M. Mekkour, E. Ben driss, J. Tai, F. Squinazi, F. Forey, S. Jarraud, N. Cohen

ω6/ω3 Polyunsaturated fatty acid supplementations in renal cell model lead to a particular regulation through lipidome for preserved ω6/ω3 ratios

June 30, 2012
M. Fares, M. Armand, C. Francois, J. M. Maixent

The decreased self-renewal potential of NPCs during human embryonic brain development with reduced activity of MAPKs.

July 30, 2012
L. Y. Zhao, Q. Jiao, X. Xu, P. B. Yang, T. S. Song, C. Huang, J. F. Zhang, Y. Liu

Transcription levels of sirtuin family in neural stem cells and brain tissues of adult mice

September 10, 2012
H. F. Wang, Q. Li, R. L. Feng, T. Q. Wen

Epigenetic alterations of adenomatous polyposis coli (APC), retinoic acid receptor beta (RARβ) and survivin genes in tumor tissues and voided urine of bladder cancer patients

September 10, 2012
N. Berrada, S. Amzazi, R. Ameziane el hassani, L. Benbacer, M. El mzibri, M. Khyatti, J. Chafiki, M. Abbar, A Al bouzidi, A. Ameur, M. Attaleb

Effect of water temperature increase on HO-1 expression in European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax L.) tissues

September 17, 2012
L. Hachfi, R. Simide, S. Richard, S. Couvray, S. Coupé, S. Gaillard, S. Pierre, J. P. Grillasca, N. Prevot-d'alvise

G-protein coupled receptor 120 is involved in glucose metabolism in fat cells.

September 21, 2012
D. Liu, L. Wang, Q. Meng, H. Kuang, X. Liu

TGF-β suppresses the expression of genes related to mitochondrial function in lung A549 cells

October 8, 2012
E. J. Sohn, J. Kim, Y. Hwang, S. Im, Y. Moon, D. M. Kang

Seasonal fluctuation in the neuronal classes of parahippocampal area of P. krameri (Scopoli, 1769) and E. scolopaceus (Linnaeus, 1758)

October 8, 2012
U. C. Srivastava, S. Singh, D. Singh

PI3K/Akt and MAPK pathways evoke activation of FoxO transcription factor to undergo neuronal apoptosis in brain of the silkworm Bombyx mori (Lepidoptera: Bombycidae)

October 10, 2012
J. H. Kim, J-S. Choi, B. H. Lee

Inhibition of Taq DNA polymerase by iridoid aglycone derivates

October 10, 2012
C. R. Pungitore, C. Garcí­a, V. Sotero Martí­n, C. E. Tonn

Cloning and characterization of A cDNA encoding prohibitin1 from Lampetra japonica and its expression analysis

November 15, 2012
T. S. Li, C. Chen, Y. Gao, Q. W. Li

Ghrelin promotion of oocyte maturation via ERK1/2 pathway in ovis aries

December 5, 2012
R. Bai, P. Zhao, G. Cao, S. Wen, Q. Li, Q. Meng

Knock-down of USP22 by small interfering RNA interference inhibits HepG2 cell proliferation and induces cell cycle arrest

December 5, 2012
S. B. Ling, D. G. Sun, B. Tang, C. Guo, Y. Zhang, R. Liang, L. M. Wang