Published: May 18, 2016

Success of the PCR-based replication assay depends on the number of methylation sensitive restriction sites in the PCR amplifying region

June 2, 2015
M K Metta, S Tantravahi, R Kunaparaju

Capacity of a newly isolated fungus Pleurotus eryngii from Tunceli, Ovacik for chemical oxygen demand reduction and biodecolorization of Azo-Dye Congo Red

June 7, 2015
N Yildirim, U Gonen

miR-145 regulates chemoresistance in hepatocellular carcinoma via epithelial mesenchymal transition

June 8, 2015
B-L Ju, Y-B Chen, W-Y Zhang, C-H Yu, D-Q Zhu, J Jin

MRJF4, a novel histone deacetylase inhibitor, induces p21 mediated autophagy in PC3 prostate cancer cells

June 8, 2015
V Di Giacomo, V Di Valerio, M Rapino, D Bosco, I Cacciatore, M Ciulla, A Marrazzo, J Fiorito, A Di Stefano, A Cataldi

microRNA-33A expression is reduced in cerebral cortex in a rat model of ischemic tolerance

June 10, 2015
Y Feng, W Li, J Q Wang

The effect of moderately halophilic bacteria supernatant on proliferation and apoptosis of cancer cells and mesenchymal stem cells

June 10, 2015
S Sarvari, E Seyedjafari, M A Amoozgar, B Bakhshandeh

Regional and cellular distribution of monocarboxylate transporters 13 and 14 in the cattle gastrointestinal tract

June 17, 2015
D Kirat, T Miyasho

Establishment of plasma microRNA detection method by using taqman probe based quantitative reverse transcription PCR

June 24, 2015
Y-N Wang, L Yu, X-S Zhao, W Zhang, J Wan, B Yu

Effect of Lead stress on phosphatase activity and reducing power assay of Triticum aestivum

June 24, 2015
U Gubrelay, R K Agnihotri, S Shrotriya, R Sharma

AIM2 inflammasome is dispensable for the host defense against Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection

June 24, 2015
Z Pang, G Sun, R D Junkins, TJ Lin

Cloning, purification and characterization of a thermostable β-galactosidase from Bacillus licheniformis strain KG9

June 28, 2015
F Matpan Bekler, P Stougaard, K Güven, R Gül Güven, í– Acer

HOTAIR inhibited intracellular Ca2+ via regulation of Cav1.2 channel in human cardiomyocytes

July 31, 2015
W L Tan, M Xu, Z Liu, T Y Wu, Y Yang, J Luo, J Yang, Y Luo

MicroRNA profiling during germline differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells

July 31, 2015
R Ebrahimzadeh-Vesal, M A Shokrgozar, K Nayernia, L Teimoori-Toolabi, M A Estiar, M Miryounesi, S Nourashrafeddin, M H Modarressi

Human Toll like receptor 4 gene expression of PBMCs in diabetes mellitus type 2 patients

July 31, 2015
Z Sepehri, Z Kiani, A A Nasiri, M A Mashhadi, F Javadian, A Haghighi, F Kohan, A Bahari, A Sargazi

Angiotensin II Promotes Atherogenesis through upregulating the Expression of Connexin 43 in Dendritic Cells

July 31, 2015
W Nie, H Yan, S Li, W Zhu, F Fan, J Zhu

Withaferin A attenuates lipopolysaccharide-induced acute lung injury in neonatal rats

July 31, 2015
S Gao, H Li, X-Q Zhou, J-B You, D-N Tu, G Xia, J-X Jiang, C Xin

Different components of chicken ovalbumin extract promote different cell proliferation

July 31, 2015
G-P Ruan, X Yao, J-F Liu, J-X Wang, X-H Pan

Vitamin D Deficiency, Obesity and Diabetes

June 10, 2015
Y-X Li, L Zhou

TLR3 and its roles in the pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes

June 17, 2015
Z Sepehri, Z Kiani, F Javadian, A Akbar Nasiri, F Kohan, S Sepehrikia, S Javan Siamardi, H Aali, H Daneshvar, D Kennedy

Letter to Editor: Cytochrome b gene expression in down syndrome subjects

June 2, 2015
M Salemi, C Barone, C Romano, M Grazia Salluzzo, R G Galati Rando, C Scavuzzo, R Salluzzo, R Russo, M Giambirtone, F Scillato, C Romano