Published: December 30, 2015

Endonuclease G depletion may improve efficiency of first generation adenovirus vector DNA replication in HeLa cells

December 9, 2015
V Misic, M El-Mogy, Y Haj-Ahmad

Trans-resveratrol induces a potential anti-lipogenic effect in lipopolysaccharide-stimulated enterocytes

December 9, 2015
U Etxeberria, R Castilla-Madrigal, M P Lostao, J A Martí­nez, F I Milagro

CD45RO+ memory T-cells produce IL-17 in patients with atherosclerosis

December 9, 2015
N Behnamfar, M J Zibaeenezhad, H Golmoghaddam, M Doroudchi

Regulation of ATRIP protein abundance by RAD9 in the DNA damage repair pathway

December 9, 2015
X-J Peng, S-J Liu, C-M Bao, Y-Z Liu, H-W Xie, Y-H Cai, B-M Li, H-Y Hang, X Ding

Role of Berberine on molecular markers involved in migration of esophageal cancer cells

December 14, 2015
M A Mishan, N Ahmadiankia, M M Matin, A Heirani-Tabasi, M Shahriyari, H R Bidkhori, H Naderi-Meshkin, A R Bahrami

MicroRNA-92a Regulates Expression of Kruppel-like Factor2 in Rabbit Model of Intracranial Aneurysm

December 19, 2015
X Wu, J Zhang, Q Huang, P Yang, J Chen, J Liu

Association between Manganese Superoxide Dismutase (MnSOD Val-9Ala) genotypes with the risk of generalized aggressive periodontitis disease

December 19, 2015
E Kazemi, M-T Moradi, K Yari, S A R Mousavi, D Kahrizi

Genetic variants in the tumor Necrosis Factor-Related Apoptosis-Inducing Ligand (TRAIL) do not contribute but Death Receptor (DR4) genes may contribute to susceptibility to head and neck cancer in Pakistani population

December 19, 2015
R Sarwar, Q Mansoor, A A Farooqi, S Shahzad, S Fayyaz, M Ismail

Investigation of some DNA repair genes association in non small cell lung cancer

December 19, 2015
E Coskunpinar, P Yildiz, E Aynaci, A Turna, Y Musteri Oltulu, E Hekimoglu, T Isbir, I Yaylim

Assessment of wild mint from Tunceli as source of bioactive compounds, and its antioxidant Activity

December 19, 2015
S Turkoglu

Association study of hsa-mir-603 rs11014002 polymorphism and risk of breast cancer in a sample of Iranian population

December 24, 2015
M Hashemi, S Sanaei, M A Mashhadi, S M Hashemi, M Taheri, S Ghavami

Conformational stability, spectroscopic and computational studies, hikes' occupied molecular orbital, lowest unoccupied molecular orbital, natural bond orbital analysis and thermodynamic parameters of anticancer drug on nanotube-A review

December 24, 2015
A S Ghasemi, F Mashhadban, S M Hoseini-Alfatemi, J Sharifi-Rad

Increased pregnancy rate using standardized coculture on autologous endometrial cells and single blastocyst transfer : a multicentre randomized controlled trial

December 24, 2015
J Ohl, J de Mouzon, B Nicollet, A Benoussaí¯dh, J N Gouze, S Viville, Y Menezo

Determination of effective miRNAs in wound healing in an experimental Rat Model

December 24, 2015
E Coskunpinar, H Arkan, B G Dedeoglu, I Aksoz, E Polat, T Araz, A Aydos, Y Oztemur, F Akbas, I Onaran

Identification and characterization of chalcone synthase cDNAs (NnCHS) from Nelumbo nucifera

December 26, 2015
C Dong, A Q Yu, M L Wang, X W Zheng, Y Diao, K Q Xie, M Q Zhou, Z L Hu

Differential effects of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor agonists on doxorubicin-resistant human myelogenous leukemia (K562/DOX) cells

December 30, 2015
B Yousefi, N Samadi, B Baradaran, V Rameshknia, V Shafiei-Irannejad, M Majidinia, N Targhaze, N Zarghami

Cloning, Prokaryotic Expression and Purification of CpfS1 Gene from Arabidopsis Thaliana

December 30, 2015
Q He, A Y Fu, G C Zhang, T J Li, J H Zhang

The cytotoxic activity of Ziziphus Jujube on cervical cancer cells: In Vitro study

December 30, 2015
R Hoshyar, S Jamali, M Fereidouni, M R Abedini