Plant-food-derived bioactives: Key health benefits and current nanosystems as a strategy to enhance their bioavailability

Bahare Salehi, Célia F. Rodrigues, Aslı Can Karaca, Gözde Gülseren, Ezgi Şenol, Evren Demircan, Beraat Özçelik, Sena Tutuncu, Farukh Sharopov, Javad Sharifi-Rad, Alfred Maroyi, Natália Martins


Natural products interest is gradually increasing worldwide. Plant-food-derived bioactives have a long history of use as a good source of ingredients for valuable medical usages. Plant-based foods consist of micro and macronutrients, and bioactive components, with health-promoting benefits. The handling of complex mixtures of plants has been methodically switched by therapies using a single isolated substance. The delivery of bioactive molecules in nanosystems is enhancing their bioavailability, it is much safer and cost-effective. However, there are many challenges in combining bioactive substances in nanocarrier materials. A discussion related with nanocarriers will be done in this review.


Plant-food bioactives; Nutrients; Nanocarrier systems; Bioavailability; Drug delivery.

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